7 Things To Do with Children in Japan

Traveling with children in Japan may be difficult, especially if you are already dealing with a language barrier and cultural shock. Allowing your children to see this magnificent nation, on the other hand, may be incredibly memorable and gratifying. Fill up your itinerary with these ideas about things to do with children in Japan.

Visit the amusement parks.

Some of the top amusement parks in the world are in Japan. For example, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea in Chiba Prefecture, not far from Tokyo, are at the top of the list. Sanrio Puroland in Tama is a theme park showcasing the company’s famous characters such as Pom Pom Purin and Hello Kitty. If your kids are older and wanting for more of a thrill, then check out the more classic amusement parks like Cosmo World in Yokohama.

Experience amazing animal interactions

Japan is a terrific spot to get up-close experiences with some really unusual creatures. At Nara Park, youngsters may buy food to feed to the native Sika deer, while Jigokudani Monkey Park provides tourists a rare glimpse at the onsen-loving Japanese macaques who dwell there. If you don’t want your kids getting pushed around by hungry deer and hairy tricksters, check out one of Japan’s animal island paradises, such as Okunoshima, an island inhabited by hundreds of docile but wild rabbits waiting for a handout.

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Museums are great places to learn about history, technology, and science.

Museums are ideal for children who are interested in technology, science, or history. In Tokyo, technology facilities such as the Miraikan and Tepia Advanced Technology Gallery provide interactive exhibits for youngsters to learn hands-on. Explore Japan’s fantastic culinary museums, such as the Sushi Museum in Shizuoka or the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, for family fun.

Castles are great places to learn about ancient warriors.

Youngsters who are fans of legendary warriors and samurai may appreciate touring the historic castles where these guys once reigned. In Japan, there are hundreds of castles, but Himeji Castle in Hyogo is regarded as the most magnificent. Even a metropolis like Tokyo retains some relics of its old Edo Castle, which may be located in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace in the city’s heart.

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Relax on beaches and boardwalks.

Japan isn’t exactly recognized as a beach resort, but it does have hundreds of lovely beaches and coasts. Sandy beaches may be found anywhere land meets water, but Okinawa is the country’s principal beach and surfing destination, including the famed Manza and Busena Beaches.

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Find the fun in shrines and temples

Visiting stuffy old temples may not appear to be the most fun activity for kids, but Japan has hundreds of unique temples and shrines that even the youngest members of the family can appreciate. Gotoku-ji in Tokyo is covered in Maneki Neko, or fortunate cat figurines, and is just steps away from the famous Senso-ji. Others may like the Big Buddhas seen in temples such as Kamakura’s Kotoku-in and Nara’s Todai-ji.

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Keep kids occupied at shopping malls

Children can be entertained for hours by the sights and sounds of a shopping center if you choose wisely, especially since most large malls in Japan will have stores or attractions geared toward children, such as Sunshine City’s Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo or Diver City’s to-scale model of the newly built Gundam, Unicorn.

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